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新加坡網紅也是2019 Star Search 得獎者 Venessa Ho 加入 亞旅俱樂部 !

Vennessa Ho

Vanessa Ho(@ vaneszs.h)是一位年輕,才華洋溢的優質網紅。 她現在己是亞旅俱樂部(ATC)的會員。 Vanessa最近參加了11月的Star Search 2019,成功入圍決賽,並獲得了Samsung Galaxy Breakthrough Award。

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Woke up this morning and felt like I had a lot to digest. 😳 Can't believe our 6 months journey has come to an end. Too much emotions and thoughts to cover in a single post so there'll be more. First of all, mega mega mega grateful to the production team who made this show possible, for believing in me even though I walked into auditions with broken Chinese and no clue at all about acting. Thanks for giving me a chance. ❤ Also, right before we stepped on stage, they were airing the news and I saw my dad featured, holding a sign and wearing a tshirt with my face on it, and was really moved. 🥺 Thanks for the support. 💕 Not forgetting the other supportive man who has to deal with my unforgiving schedule and late nights because of my schedule. Thanks to bbygirl @pistashio_ and prom king @zhaisiming for all the good times! 😃 Lastly, congratulations to a very deserving brother @zetongteoh who have worked hard and earned every bit of this. I'm excited for your future. 🙆🏻‍♀️ Catch the Star Search Grand Finals on Toggle and YouTube if you missed it! 😉 #starsearch2019

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這位來自新加坡的20歲美女網紅幾乎在各個領域都表現多才多藝,她不止經營Instagram,更是女演員,節目播音員,NXT雜誌的作家,主持人,她目前還在 新加坡大學(NUS)攻讀工商管理與傳播和新媒體。

她的Instagram上有超過77,000名追隨者,處處展現了她的才華和積極的生活方式。 歡迎這位新加坡網紅加入亞旅俱樂部,我們很榮幸能與如此有才華的有KOL合作,並為酒店合作夥伴通過KOL營銷合作提供更多選擇。

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